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Araujo Ibarra y Asociados S.A

Araujo Ibarra y Asociados has over four decades of experience working with businessmen and countries, in the identification and use of existing opportunities in international markets, as well as the design of strategies that allow them to be more competitive in a global environment. The dynamism in which international business are immersed creates challenges for businesses, as well as regions and countries, making indispensable to redesign traditional business models, identify innovating tools that enable competitiveness, understand businesses with an approach of social and environmental sustainability and design strategies that allow them to increase their participation in international trade, achieve an effective immersion in global value chains, and take advantage of opportunities arising from Free Trade Agreements. Therefore, Araujo Ibarra y Asociados provides an interdisciplinary team with a wide experience and offers a service portfolio designed to fit your necessities.
Areas of Practice: 
Customs and International Trade
Foreign Investment
Strategic Advisory on International Trade
Strategic Environmental Advisory
English, Spanish
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