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Over the past ten years Research & Opportunities has positioned itself as a strategic partner for companies, trade associations, investors and government entities in the development and implementation of strategies with regard to the internationalization processes. Our consultancy in foreign trade, customs law, international trade law, international economic law and negotiation allows us to provide comprehensive advice to identify opportunities and take the greatest possible business advantage from international trade agreements, trade promotion tools and domestic industry promotion tools. It also allows us to help request the implementation trade defense measures, and design strategies tailored to the needs and problems of our clients. R&O understands that every business, industry and government entity has specific needs, interests and challenges with regard to the globalization processes. Therefore, we aim to develop holistic strategies for each client providing comprehensive advice from a legal, economic analysis and business strategy perspective. Our biggest advantage is that we can support your company through a highly skilled service and special attention according to your companies profile in different markets. The experience of our team in academia, government and business sectors, both in Colombia and in representation of Colombia in different negotiations and multilateral and international organizations, both at technical and political levels, allow us to work as part of your team in identifying opportunities within the Colombian international stage in order to improve the competitive position of your company, sector or investment.
Areas of Practice: 
International Trade and Customs Law
Foreign Investment
Spanish, English
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