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Sanclemente Fernandez Abogados S.A.

Established in 1942, our law firm follows a “one-stop shop” strategy offering personalized attention to our clients, which find in us the best cost – benefit alternative. This personalized attention has led the way to the firm’s active participation in significant legal events in Colombia. SFA’s practice follows a multidisciplinary approach, which serves best the needs of our clients. Our team of lawyers, economists, business administrators, accountants, official translators and legal assistants work in a tailored approach to address client matters. These professionals are trained and experienced in specific areas of expertise and thereby achieving maximum results and success.
Areas of Practice: 
Foreign Investment, Oil, Gas and Mining Industry
Corporate Law
Mergers and Acquisitions
Due Diligence
Immigration Law
Banking and Financial Services
Tax Law
Foreign Exchange
Foreign Trade
Administrative Law
Procedural Law
Civil Law
Commercial Law
Labor Law
Environmental law
Corporate Law
Intellectual Property Law
Aviation Law
Spanish, English, German
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