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8 LEGAL was conceived from an essential idea which were before non-existent: to improve the understanding between the East and the West by harmonizing some notions of the millenary cultures of Asia with the cultures of the Western world, especially Latin America, to support schemes of cooperation in various levels of interaction. Today, after a decade of having started this quixotic work, we can say that we were never wrong in this aspiration, and every day, despite the difficulties we have gone through, we reaffirm more this purpose, learning from the past, and persevere in forging ahead without rest. We have grown. We are currently able to support any person or company that wishes to develop projects, establish and consolidate relationships, or simply explore business, cultural or academic activities in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Colombia and other Latin America’s regions. In 2018 we created a new alliance in Dubai, from which we aim to support ideas and implement projects that arise in some jurisdictions of the Middle East. In each of these regions we have an outstanding group of allied professionals, who, with their transparency, good disposition and professional experience, underpin, in real time, our operation. We understand the meaning of the term “unique”, we know that each person is genuine, and their ideas are special and individual. Therefore, we take every initiative very seriously and dedicate the necessary time to think and develop it. We are respectful of all the local spiritual and cultural expressions of the regions that welcome us. We diligently comply with the legal and moral standards of each people where we have presence. In 8 LEGAL we continue forging paths with the same philosophy that inspired our creation, being aware that everything is still to be done. “A clear loss is many times better than a distant and problematic gain.” Arab proverb. Anonymous.
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commercial law
Intellectual property.
Spanish, English, Chinese Mandarin